About Blue Sky Solar

The Company is registered solar vender for Sri Lanka new energy development in 2023, established with the aim of providing an eco-friendly solution to an environment friendly, affordable power solution to the nation. The company import and assemble a wide range of solar products namely Solar Home Systems, Solar Street Lights, Solar Power plants and a host of other customized Grid and off grid solar power products. We are fully equipped and capable technician and experience to handle any installation/maintenance of solar power systems.

The main objectives of the company are to fight climate change while promoting sustainable and renewable development and a driving solution to the current Sri Lanka energy crisis. By focusing on providing renewable green energy to Sri Lanka, we hope to reduce the dependency on fossil fuel while saving money and protecting the environment.

Blue Sky Dream Renewable Energy (PVT) LTD along with our teams of consultants and engineers, are providing expertise on the implementation of solar power projects throughout Sri Lanka. We are backed by unbeatable experience and trusted warranty and we will handle your project with unparalleled professionalism that guarantees your satisfaction.

Company Details