About Orient Gold Plus

Orient Goldplus is the first and tempered glass manufacturer in Sri Lanka. Manufacturing tempered glass to internationally accepted standards by use of state of the art machines, considering all avenues pertaining to fullest safety. The knowhow and experience to process low e and other sensitive glass... Orient Gold Plus Private Limited (Established in 2004) Manufacturer of tempered glass,heat strengthened glass for various purposes. In various thicknesses sizes and shapes.Varying from 2mm-19mm. up to the size of 12'×8'(3660×2440mm)In 1998 ,orient Enterprising Company Ltd,was the first to manufacture bend annealed glass in Sri L anka... From a small beginning way back in 1981, We have grown to be what we are now as the leading glass processor in the country converting all type of flat and curvet glass , namely clear float, tinted, reflective, laminated safety, bullet proof, tempered and heat strengthened glasses.
Also known as: Orient, Orient Enterprising Company Ltd, Orient Gold Plus (Pvt) Ltd., Orient Gold Plus Private Limited, Orient Goldplus