About Skill development and Training International

As a registered and semi government academy for professional qualifications and English education, under the registered number of PV 80226 with the government of Sri Lanka the Skill Development and Training International Institute has been playing a vital role in the country in Professional Education, English, Information Technology and Teaching over fifteen consecutive years in facilitating 17 districts out of 24 in Sri Lanka.
In dragging the youth to the right track and in training them well are released to the skilled youth market and for the above regular participation to the development process the institution was offered Premier's Award in 2011 and in celebrating The International Religion Day, in line with the Independence Day of Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka. We were awarded Gold Medal in 2013. In addition, The Golden Europe Asian Award 2012, National Excellency Award 2013, National Gold Award 2013, Business Award 2013 were offered to SDTI campus in appreciating the service rendered to the nation. It is very pleasure to remind the International recognition of our professional body and the successful move towards the international screen.