About Training and Educational Services Consultancy Group SL

Training and Educational Services Consultancy Group S.L, is a small Spanish company created in 2014. The company belongs to the private services sector, its mission is to develop training and educative projects. The company organizes a huge variety of in-person courses, the theme of these courses is heterogeneous: agile methodology for project management, Spanish sign language, self-loading truck operating, first aid or remoted pilot aircraft licence. In addition, the enterprise has developed digital didactic units for learning management systems and carried out formative events such as hackathons for the acquisition of techskills and softskills via non-formal education for the European superior education sector. Moreover, due to the experience and the background of the company managers, they are part of the experts panel of SEPIE and provide Erasmus + projects assessment. Furthermore, the company works for schools providing extracurricular classes on STEAM.

The company´s clients are a wide range of organizations. Training and Educational Services Consultancy Group S.L. work for companies, NGOs, and public administrations. The company is an organising and training entity for the Spanish regulator of the system of professional training for employment FUNDAE. It is also authorised to impart phytosanitary products application courses by Valencian institute for agri-food research IVIA. As well the company is authorised by the Spanish public employment service SEPE with number 031193 to impart 25 work specialities.

Company Details