About Wheels Lanka Trading (Pvt) Ltd

Wheels Lanka Trading Group is one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka specialized in automobile trading with diversified business activities. Formed in 1952 the company was engaged in transport trade and through continuous successful trading over the years, it is now a large conglomerate entity.

Presently Wheels Lanka Trading holds sole dealership for some of the leading brands in Sri Lanka. It has a wide range of vehicle stock to cater different customer needs i.e. Luxury Jeeps, Cars, Commercial van, Buses, Trucks, Double cabs, Machinery trucks, Commercial trucks, Lorries, etc.. Its customer base is segmented as individuals, corporate sector, government organizations, construction industry, and transportation in order to provide customized service.

The company's growing success stories have helped to develop new markets and new products portfolio’s internationally i.e. Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America, and European Countries. “Employees empowerment and motivation” is a major contribution to the success of the business and is considered as the key factors to drive the organization forward to a dynamic environment.

Wheels Lanka Trading believes in delivering true value customer service to all its customers. The company strives to achieve customer satisfaction through understanding customer needs in order to meet customer expectations.

The company takes pride in being always the first to import and introduce new vehicles to the Sri Lankan Market.