We are seeking an ESG Strategy and Reporting Specialist to join our dynamic team. This role involves guiding companies through the integration of sustainability factors into their comprehensive strategies, work plans, and risk assessment and management processes. The specialist will be responsible for developing robust ESG plans and policies, ensuring compliance with the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) regulations, and crafting detailed ESG reports.


Develop and implement ESG strategies and policies in line with CMA Module 15, ensuring integration into the company’s overall strategy and work plans.
Lead the ESG reporting process, aligning with executive bylaws of the CMA and international sustainability standards, to produce dual-version ESG Sustainability Reports within a four-week timeframe.
Facilitate the integration of sustainability factors into risk assessment and management processes, identifying potential risks and devising effective management strategies.
Ensure reports and strategies are accessible to a broad audience.
Stay updated on evolving ESG standards and regulations, ensuring clients remain at the forefront of compliance and best practices.

Bachelor’s or master’s degree in environmental science, Sustainability, Business Administration, or related fields.
Proven experience in ESG strategy development, reporting, and regulatory compliance.
Familiarity with CMA regulations, ISSB standards, TCFD principles, and other relevant ESG frameworks.
Strong analytical skills with the ability to integrate sustainability into business strategies and risk management.
Excellent communication skills.
Ability to work collaboratively across teams and with a variety of projects and stakeholders.

Gender :

Age range :
Year < 35 Year

Minimum qualification :

Minimum years of experience :
3 Year

Differently abled may apply :