– Can effectively manage emails, paperwork, planning and scheduling meetings, monitoring performance, and multi-task several functions at the same time
– Actively involved in client calls and ensuring that updates are timely communicated to the team
– Must be a people person and reliable teammate
– Must be adaptable to any situation, be a clear communicator, and able to tailor your approach depending on the prospective client or your work colleagues
– Must have a passion for customer service and getting it right for our clients. She must have 3+ years of experience in Customer Service including 2+ years of proven track record exceeding metrics and leading individuals to success in a BPO setting
– Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Business or Marketing or related courses
– Must be able to compose compelling and enticing email invitations in grammatically correct English

– Must have highly developed sales skills as the job requires you to convince clients using only your voice and email skills

– Must have a working knowledge of word processing, worksheet applications, and telephone system as needed for the work involved
– Must have superior data mining skills
– Able to work independently with minimum supervision
– Able to work night shift whenever needed

Gender :

Age range :
22 Year < 27 Year

Minimum qualification :
Degree Specialization

Minimum years of experience :
2 Year

Differently abled may apply :

About New-Fields Exhibitions LLC

New-Fields Exhibitions, Inc. is a leading business information provider that produces results-oriented trade shows, expositions, seminars, meetings, and conferences for decision-makers, policy-makers, leaders, thinkers, and senior executives worldwide.

We provide global services in the areas of construction, energy, oil and gas, defense, telecommunications, safety and security, health care, and utilities, to name a few industries.