We are looking for committed individuals following or completed
Degree or Diploma in IT/SW/Engineering or related program to join
our group.

Job Role : Coding with Spring Boot/Angular /Java/JPA/MySQL/ to develop
high availability systems.

Work in AWS Stack/RHEL/ Ubuntu, CentOS, Suse Linux environment.

Administration, Operation, and Maintenance of mission-critical systems.

Support senior DevOps engineers to maintain 99.99999% uptime of the systems which handle 1000 transactions per second.


Excellent prospect for career growth.

Excellent working environment.

At the end of successful completion of the internship, you will be confirmed in the Software Engineer position with attractive salary package

Send your cv to careers@synapse.lk or fb.me/synapse.lk


Gender :

Age range :

Minimum qualification :

Minimum years of experience :

Differently abled may apply :

About Synapse Solution Pvt Ltd

SYNAPSE is an innovative group with a strong focus on research and development that brings practical solutions to promote competitiveness, efficiency and prosperity of real application for our clients. We provide solutions for more than 10 years in the following areas: Telecommunication software, E Commerce, Medical Software, Cloud based - SAAS applications, Mobile applications, and Automation solutions.

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