Latest Trends in Talent Acquisition

In the recent years, talent acquisition has undergone major changes. With the growing popularity of online job portals, it has become easier to seek talent. But it has made recruitment a more comprehensive process as applicants are becoming more divided across the web. Though every other company is using social media or online job portals as tool to recruitment in today’s increasingly competitive talent industry but it is becoming tougher to get a response from candidates. So what should a hiring manager like you do to succeed? The answer lies in getting updated with the latest trends in talent acquisition. This will not only let you develop the best recruiting strategies but also help you hire the best talent in the industry.

Enhance candidate engagement and experience

Recruiting has evolved more as a transactional process rather than being impersonal.  Thanks to the rise of internet and online job portals. Applicants appreciate interaction, transparency and interpersonal communication in the hiring process. They are active and go through the content written about the company before applying to the job.

  • Employer branding strategies

Optimising your employer branding skill is a must to funnel the best talent to your organisation. Follow an honest approach and share the top employer profiles and content related to the work culture of your organisation.

  • Make use of technology

The concept of manual labour has been completely eradicated with the use of technology. Online portals have been proved as a blessing to find the best talent in the industry. These technologies can help recruiters to stores profiles and other crucial information, give time to connect with the candidates and also aid in developing a strong talent pipeline for the company.

  • Use trending marketing tactics to target applicants

With applicants dispersed across social media, you need to incorporate multi-channel approach to reach out the desired candidates.  Screening and engaging with your clients become indispensable in order to find the best talent. If you want to captivate the attention from candidates, you need to evolve your content strategy. Creating videos of success stories, projects, work culture, using impressive formats such as blogs and e-books are some of the appealing steps to arrest the attention.

Online job portals play a major role in talent acquisition. These online portals have revolutionized the recruitment landscape increasing the efficiency of the hiring process. Candidates can easily find jobs online through numerous online job portals that are available round the clock. You will certainly understand the significance of online job portals after knowing its few benefits-

  • The major benefit of online job portals is that they are cost-effective. You can search and apply jobs online without paying any fee.
  • One of the amazing features of the online job portal is to maintain confidentiality of the job seekers.
  • Online job portals offer you a sea of endless jobs.
  • Provide facility of regular job notification.

There is also a paradigm shift in the way employers have started recruiting talent. The credit goes to the value, efficacy and easy-to-use online job portals. In the quest of skilled candidates, online job portal has become and inevitable part of the hiring process. The benefits of online job portals to employers-

  • E-recruitment allows for immediate real-time interaction and 24*7 hiring activity that in turn saves time.
  • Posting jobs and searching for candidates on job portals save cost-of-hire.
  • Online job portals provide wider reach for employers.
  • Offer state-of-the-art filtration tools.
  • Allow employers to use sophisticated management tools to submit jobs online.
  • Allows for confidentiality.
  • Employers can save profiles of prospective candidates for future use.

Online job portals have only made it possible for employers to hire and job seekers to search for jobs in short time span. Due to the internet penetration ever skyrocketing and need of professional mobility, this medium is definitely here to stay.













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