Employee Morale? Employers’ Guide


Positive employee morale is not only good for the individual and the individuals who work with the employee but is overall good for the company.  It benefits the company in so many ways.  This is the reason why companies have started looking deeper and started seeing the employees not just as workers but as partners in the company. 


Positive employee morale boosts productivity and we all know that an increased productivity results in more positive ways than ever to the individual and the company.  A productive employee finishes high-quality work on time which in turn results to a high-quality product or service delivered to the client on time.  The client is in turn happy and becomes a loyal client.  Thus, more business for the company.


Going back to the individual, having delivered high-quality work on time gives him / her a sense of fulfillment.  Also, since the productive employee finished the work on time, no need for him / her to go on overtime thus more time for personal and family matters.  Which in turn provides ample time for rest and relaxation that recharges the employee who gets back to work the next day refreshed and again ready to be productive.  It becomes a cycle and the employee gets noticed, rewarded and promoted, adding to the employee’s positive morale.


While the co-workers would observe and wonder what does this employee have that they don’t have and then later realize that it’s the employee’s positive morale.  Then the co-workers would strive to be like this productive employee, making him / her a model employee.  Which in turn produces more productive employees delivering high-quality products and services to clients, resulting to more happy clients and more business to the company.  Just one employee being a good influence to other employees will make a difference to the whole company.


But what happens if this model employee gets burned out and stopped being productive?  He / she started delivering poor quality products and services and since they are of poor quality, he / she has to do a rework which leads to overtime and delayed delivery to the client.  The client is no longer happy and might look for another provider.  Thus, the company is in danger of losing a client.


Going back to the burned-out employee, he / she becomes stressed out for going on overtime regularly and not having enough time for rest and relaxation.  Plus, the stress on being pointed out as the reason for losing business with the client.


The other employees who look up to him / her now wonder, what happened?


Therefore, employers should always see to it that each individual has a positive morale, especially the best employees.  It starts with hiring employees with positive morale and retaining them while maintaining their positive morale.  Investment needed to make this happen is too small compared to the huge return to the company.


Human Resources department should take care of the company’s best resources which are actually humans and should be treated like humans and not like robots.


Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at https://jobpal.lk/and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.


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