How To Retain Your Best Employees?

Hiring best employees is one thing but retaining them is another thing.  It takes some work and strategy on the employer’s part to retain the best talents.  But it’s worth the effort since best talents significantly contribute to the success of the company.  Here are some tips on how to retain the best talents in your organization:


  • Clear expectations. Best talents would want to know clearly what are expected from them so that they would know what to do.  Expectations should be set from the start.  This provides clear direction for the talent to perform.  He would know from the start that these are the expectations from him.  He will deliver them and being the best, he will exceed them.


Unclear expectations or no expectation settings from the start lead to frustration.  As the talent would work and work hard but his efforts are put to waste since what he has delivered is not what is required and expected of him.


  • Continuous learning. Best talents don’t stop learning.  They are always looking for ways to learn new things.  Providing proper venues for learning and training your talents will help to retain them.


Learning is not only confined to formal trainings and seminars but also learning from experience.  Assigning new projects that will challenge your talents is another way of providing a learning experience.


Doing the same thing over and over again without any improvements or challenges would lead to boredom.  Boredom leads to the door to new and exciting opportunities in a new company.


  • Competitive compensation. Best talents are worth a gem and its worth the investment to compensate them properly to retain them.  If they know that are being taken care of by their company, they won’t entertain the offers from the outside world.


Other companies would attract your best talents if they could offer more competitive salary than what you’re offering.


  • Celebrate performance. Best talents perform well in their work and with this, they deserve to be recognized and rewarded.  Good performance has to be celebrated to encourage talents to continue with their good work.  This also inspires average talents to become best talents as well.


Unrecognized talents build resentment and negativity causing poor performance and eventually separation.


  • Cultivate engagement. Best talents are best kept engaged at all times.  Engaged employees create a positive workplace and a positive workplace cultivate high performance.  Keep your employees excited to go to work every day, looking forward to their next projects.


Disengagement is the first step that leads to employees actively looking for their next career change.  Disengaged employees are no longer performers rather they dread going to work and everything seems to be negative for them.


  • Culture creation. Best talents stay with a company where they can identify themselves with.  A company culture or branding that they can be proud of to tell the whole world that they are part of that company.


Best talents don’t want to be associated with companies that have bad reputation or negative connotation.


Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.





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