How To Properly Turn Down A Job Offer?

Declining a job offer is hard to do. And when you worked hard to get one, it becomes more difficult to turn it down. Whether you are offered a job that you would never accept in a million years or you want to maintain good relationship with HR department because you might consider the job in future, here are some awesome steps to say thanks but no thanks gracefully!

  1. Appreciation is the key

First and foremost thing is to be thankful to your hiring manager for all the time he or she has put in. It is true that interviewing and recruiting is the part of their job but it takes a lot of time going through resumes, trolling social media profiles, taking out the time to interview and talking to other members of the team in finding the suitable candidate for the job. So a heartfelt thank you will go a long way. Appreciate them for the generous offer.

  1. Face-to- face conversation has no substitute

Undoubtedly, the best way to reject an offer is in person.  Direct communication is straight forward and allows free flow of ideas, thoughts and feelings. This platform will let you clearly state your reasons. Face-to face communication is must to understand both the parties.

  1. State a good, brief reason

When both of you have spent a lot of time in the interviewing process, it is utmost important to give a brief but honest reason about not accepting the position. There is no need to go in details. If no reason seems working out, gently tell them- “the offered job does not suit my career objectives”. But do not leave a hiring manager in the dark about why you are turning down an offer.

  1. Reject politely

If you are not interested in the offer, there are many ways to refuse. One is to do in writing by letter or email. If you are opting for this way, it should be very warm in which you should thank the concerned person for extending the opportunity and politely explaining the reason behind your refusal. Other way is to do on the phone. You have talk softly listing the reason why you are not going to make it. Whichever way you choose, the bottom line is that you are grateful. For e.g.:  instead of saying you pay terribly use appropriate words like “the proposed salary does not match my expectations. I am afraid. I would not be able to accept”. In short, choose words carefully.

  1. Be in touch

In certain industries, job search world is small. When you respectfully turn down an offer, you still maintain relationship with the hiring manager or employer. Keep the door open to avoid losing opportunities later down the line.  I would love to keep in touch and it was pleasure to meet you, can preserve a good relationship with the hiring manager.  Turning down a job never feels great but some humble words can do wonders.

Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.




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