Lost Career Passion, How To Rediscover ?

Lost your passion at work? Lacking motivation? Don’t feel like working anymore? If you are tangled in such a rut especially if you are the one who used to cherish what you do but somehow lost your way- Stop fretting, there is a HOPE. Recover the long-lost devotion at your work by following these simple steps-

Understand the root of the problem

If you force yourself to come out of bed for work then admit that you are no longer passionate about what you are doing in your life. Instead of lamenting over the problems at work, figure out what are the root causes. Once you are clear about the reasons, you can easily make little changes to yourself and your work environment to make thing perfect.

Find new avenues

As we enter different phases of life, our priorities tend to change. One reason you are no longer interested in your work could be that what lured you into it five years ago no longer captivates you now. Keep finding your new love at work. Accept new challenges and work in different areas of your work to find out which part of it attracts you.

Think long term

Consider your monotonous daily tasks as the stepping stones to what you really want to achieve in your life. Do not sweat over the small stuff that do not form the core of your work. This will only divert your attention from your long-term goals.

Rest, rejuvenate and recover

Even if you are madly in love with your work, you are not invulnerable to stress. Get enough sleep, recover all the energy spent and bring back the motivation into your life. Take your mind off work for some time and rejuvenate yourself.

Draw strengths from office-mates

When you start losing interest in your work, you seldom involve in social interactions. Instead of shutting yourself out, be open. Go extra mile to talk to people around you. Developing friendships leads to happier environment and better productivity. Be in touch with individuals who possess positive attitudes and who can offer you insightful perspectives.

Be a mentor and be mentored

Mentor someone new about your work, this step will help remind how dedicated you were when you first started. Seeking mentor ship from an inspirational person can also bring fruitful results. Find a trustworthy person to discuss your work-related problems and get better solutions.

Don’t forget what you really love

We get so tied up with deadlines and fire-fighting that we often forget to appreciate little things in life. Offer gratitude to the blessing in life, smell those lovely flowers, have fun with family and sometimes jump in that puddle. Don’t worry, it won’t do any harm. Make a habit to notice the lovely things about your job. Stop taking things for granted and be happy for what you have. Write down anything about the day you are proud of.

Follow these guidelines to get reacquainted with your passion.

Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at https://jobpal.lk and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.




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