How to look qualified when little light on experience ?

Is Position described looking fantastic but the experience required is a little out of reach? There are times when you spot a perfect job but you feel a little light on experience. But don’t give up on it just yet! We understand that job market is flooded with candidates, you just need to give your little experience resume a little boost. Here are some impressive tips to nail it-

Get started with your skills

Thoroughly read the job description. For any qualification you think you do not meet, try to think of a time where you did something relevant or similar. Be prepared with your response in advance with some additional strengths as why you would be a perfect candidate for that particular task. No company want random experience so if you will present something related to the requirements, you tend to have better chances to get selected.

Learn the new skill- fast

There is no worry if you are not pro at every skill company is asking for, you can learn about it before time. Go for the tutorial online to gain some knowledge and understand the basics about that particular skill. This step will boost your confidence and you can easily impress the interviewer. In some cases, just telling them that you are learning that skill is enough to be in the good books of the interviewer.

Show them obstacles are the stepping stones

Another way to overcome a skill gap during an interview is to show them you know how to rise to a challenge. Talk about a time that you have achieved a milestone or your efforts were appreciated in a role where previously had zero experience. Make them realize that you are willing to do whatever is needed in order to learn new skills.

Let your resume speak for you

If you really wish to position yourself for the job you are not experienced for, tailor your resume accordingly. Make sure your resume highlights the strengths and transferable skills to the job you are interested in. There are many free services that can evaluate your resume on the basis of its appearance and content. Make a smart move ad get hired for your dream job!

Be confident and give your best shot

It’s normal when you have little experience, you tend to feel under confident. Without confidence, it is difficult to make good impression in the professional world. For some, it’s a piece of a cake but for most, it is harder to achieve. The goal is to look confident, even if you really aren’t.  There are several tricks to accomplish this. Standing tall, making eye contact, speaking slowly and clearly, keeping your hands visible, sitting with right posture and taking big steps are some of the amazing ways to determine confidence level of a person.


The idea is to make a strong and smart impression to get the message across that you are worth taking a chance on.

Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.

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