Secrets to acing an Interview with the CEO

The recruiter, the hiring manager and others, all have approved your capability to get hired. You are on the verge of getting selected but now you are scheduled to interview with the CEO. As CEO is the person who typically cares for the success of the company so cracking the interview won’t be easy with him. CEO mainly focus on “three C’s”- competence, compatibility and comfortable interpersonal connection. Although the concerns of all the interviewers are similar, the emphasis may be different.  If you are the one who is going to be one on one with a CEO, pat yourself first as you must be applying for an important role in a company.

The CEO has already been there and done that so it is crucial to be authentic, warm and open. Easier said than done? Here are some tips to ace that interview with the big shot –

Stay away from your inhibitions

CEO’s high position gives you all the reasons to feel nervous. Instead of getting intimated, try spending sometime thinking about the CEO as a normal person like you. Read about him. Do you find anything? If not, just use your imagination. Picture him in a situation where he is having fun time with family or doing volunteer work. Always remember everybody has strengths, disappointments, passion and vulnerabilities. This way will help you to relate him in a friendly way. Mental preparation serves best in exhilarating your confidence and authenticity.

CEOs talk business

CEO’s main have their eye on the bottom line as how you are going to help the company make money. If you have taken over the measures to cut costs or increased revenues in your past organization, hit the nail on the head. If your roles did not cover the costing part, have stories that will prove your productivity and efficiency. Never forget, CEO’s are focused on the big picture so show them how your role supports its overall goals. If you already been answered by others but still have questions- ASK!

Show deep interest

Your interests and appreciations for the company play a vital role in impressing him but buttering will not fit the bill. Talk about the new initiative or any unique endeavor company has taken up or have some good questions to ask from CEO.

Grab the opportunity

You are lucky enough to get to this point so be ready for the CEO to talk more than he listens. Grab the valuable opportunity to learn about him, the company, the journey, its culture and everything around it. Go with the flow and get acquainted with this leader’s unique style and agenda. Act smartly and react smartly. Take your time rather than being impulsive.

Expect the unexpected

The initial interview stages have already found out all about your work experience and caliber. When meeting the CEO, expect more soul-searching questions like what is you biggest dream in life? The idea is to check the way you respond and how confidently you face the real situation.

Stop believing in your luck and start believing in yourself!

Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.






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