Different Hats In A Team

While leading a team, you need to wear different hats. Sometimes you have to change many hats in a single day. Here hats imply roles you are accountable for in order to successfully run a team. While there are likely more, but we will talk about ten hats in leadership.

Wear Facilitator hat

As a leader you need to make sure that team members have good working conditions and you have a role to facilitate for others. It is not just about meeting or group situation, there are times when you might wear a hat of facilitator for smooth flow of business and greater productivity.

Wear Coach hat

The role of a coach is not just coaching but developing full potential of team members. Analyzing performances, instructing in relevant skills and providing time-to-time encouragement – all are important aspects of a coach hat. As a leader, it is your prime responsibility to help others to succeed in roles and prepare for future roles.

Wear Visionary hat

Keeping in mind the strategy, leaders should have a clear picture of where we are and where we want to go. He should know how to bridge the gap by heading the team in the right direction. He should know and capable of articulating the objectives and why these goals matter to the organization, their team and themselves.

Wear Decision maker hat

A great team is made when inputs of all team members pour in. As a leader, you should be decisive in nature. Procrastinating things will lead to lack of energy, motivation and participation in a team. Whether it a petty decision or a policy changing decision, a leader has to come forward and take necessary action.

Wear Strategist hat

While it is believed that this hat is worn by leaders at higher levels in the organization but the truth is that all leaders must think strategically. Think about the big picture. And a leader must know what directions and approaches must be used to achieve the desired result.

Wear Change agent hat

With strategy and vision- need for change is inevitable. If the leader is open to changes, his team will follow.

Wear Influencer hat

“Be the change you want to see in others” – this hat perfectly matches the quote. A leader should continuously influence his team members to keep things going.

Wear Team member hat

As a leader, you are not always leading. You are also one of the members in the team. A successful leader knows how to put this hat on and when to take it off.


A leader should know how to get the things done from others. You cannot do it all.  You should know how to efficiently delegate work.


This hat needs to be tightly fit. Even if you are not leading a team, great listening skill take you a long way. As a leader, this hat needs to be underneath all the other hats all the time. The best leaders talk less and listen, ask and observe more.


Reshali Balasubramaniam

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