Soft Skills For Better Performance


For the success of any business or the organization, employers are seeking experience, key skills and other educational qualifications. Even though these hard skills are the indispensable part of any job, there are certain “soft skills” which are extremely important to indicate a person’s job performance. Soft skills are the personal skills that set you apart from many applicants that have very similar resumes. There is a never-ending list of soft skills but here are few that employers most appreciate-

Positive attitude can make big difference

A positive attitude can do wonders in finding out the solution of even biggest problem. Positive attitude tends to be contagious. Employers are always looking for positive vibes to take the department or company at the zenith. It is true that handful of negative people are enough to bring down the organization as a whole.

Strong work ethic -the most important component of being successful

This one you might not have learned in school because no one can teach you this. It is in-built or your parents worked on you for it. Strong work ethics are nothing but seemingly simple things such as understanding the value of time, keeping promise, getting things on time and knowing that job is more than punching in and punching out. These innate attributes are totally out of control of an employers. Even you get best of training, hands on experience or reading material, this skill people have it or they don’t.

Impressive Communication skill-key to success

Your excellent communication skills helped you to crack your dream job and the same skills will get you success in the workforce. To be a great employee, you need know how to communicate well with your clients, supervisors and co-workers. Good listening skills are equally important. Be it any industry, good communication skills are the need of an hour.

Time management-Your time is now

The task will hold no importance if it not completed on time. We understand there is so much on your work plate but you should know how to prioritize tasks. It is more than completing a task successfully. It means getting the most important things done first. You should know which task to be delegated when required. Managing time leads to maximum efficiency and in turn results to money saver for the company.

Problem solving -A chance to show your best

Problems are inevitable, the employers want to see how you think logically and come up with ways to work around problems. If you incorporate your creativity in this aspect, innovations take birth. It is recommended to mention such problem-solving scenarios in your resume where you faced tough situations and created solutions to ease things.

Teamwork -It takes both sides to build a bridge

Teamwork implies the ability to work amicably with others in a professional environment. Easy said than done but it is crucial to have faith on others that they know how to do their job. Trusting others, accepting ideas, giving your viewpoints, working together can be a difficult task but if you know it well, you are going to rock it.


Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.







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