A Quick Guide On Competencies And Values

One of the questions that often pop-up in people’s mind is “are competencies and values are different concepts? If they are then how one can influence the other and vice-versa? In order to answer this question clearly, they are to be analyzed separately. One must keep in mind to clearly support the organizational culture, it’s imperative to have both in place.


A competency comprises three dimensions-

The first and foremost dimension to understand is APTITUDE. It can also be called “ability.”, which consists in a person’s caliber to achieve a goal or group of goals, in a certain manner and at a certain level of quality. The presence of aptitude signifies person’s ability to successfully perform the assigned task or requirement. They are internal characteristics. People are born with it. The answer is simple either they have it or don’t have. Nobody can have any influence upon these features. An aptitude tends to grow from a minimal level to a higher one but one cannot develop in a situation where there is a complete incapacity to perform the task. It is must to identify the ability that can add to competency.

Secondly, KNOWLEDGE is one of the major considerations in order to build up competency. Knowledge is the only key which can unlock the solutions of problems and even employees understand the theoretical approaches possible to give the task practical meaning. First of all, knowledge is developed through formal studies and then can be developed on the spot by attending various training to reach a competency. Irrespective of previous knowledge levels, unlike aptitude knowledge can be built and developed. There are many ways to attain knowledge in organizational context such as workshops, training, studies and courses. The will to improve one’s self is the need of an hour.

The last dimension which completes a competency is SKILL Which means a person’s capability to perform an activity at a certain speed. Exercises and practices are the inevitable factors to develop skills.


Values comprises three dimensions –

The first dimension consists person’s inner BELIEFS regarding the environment. Beliefs are not just mere opinions. It is much more than that. Existing culture and core values have great roles to play in building belief system. Employees having similar personal values find it easy to integrate themselves within the organization. They generally have a smooth transition through the company’s cultural system.

To develop a certain behavior, ATTITUDE is a crucial factor which represents the second dimension of values. Attitude is the way you take things. Attitude is about creating a positive aura even if the condition is full of negativity. Employees should have good emotional management that can help them maintain their attitudes so that they will always bring success to the task or company as a whole.

The third dimension comprises ACTION through which employees display their caliber based on beliefs and attitudes. Their actions and reactions to extreme conditions can make or mar the future of a project.

Competencies and values should always be considered separately and interpreted accordingly!



Reshali Balasubramaniam

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