Importance of family friendly policies



Parents are finding it difficult to strike a healthy balance between work and family-life. For most of us, Family is a biggest source of inspiration for going to work every day. It is crucial for employers to be considerate about the value of work-life balance. Creating family-friendly policies not only benefit the workforce but also result in tangible business benefits. It is rightly said that if you will take care take care of employees, they will take care of your business. Employers are contemplating to incorporate family-friendly workplace due to following benefits-

Full attendance

If we talk about family-friendly policies, one of the prime benefits is reduction in absenteeism. According to a survey work from home helps company to retain more employees. Also enable employees manage their absences. This way they can maintain better work-life balance as they feel less stressed and can spend more time around their families.

Increased productivity

Adopting family-friendly practices also result in increased productivity. Flexible working policies reduce the amount of pressure mounted on the employees as they can alter their work hours as needed. Flexitime often comprise teleworking and job sharing.

Retain your top talent

Flexible work arrangements are quite popular these days and with a good reason. All these policies adjusted to work-life balance pave way to increased motivation, career satisfaction and loyalty. A flexible career path and extended leave of absence are highly needed among women than man in order to meet their commitments to their families. Employees want flexibility. When they get it, they are happy, when they happy, they are less likely to leave. In order to keep its quality employees, a company has to incorporate some family-friendly policies.


Parents always look for family-friendly policies when it comes to choosing a job. Many people turn down a job as it conflicts with their family responsibilities. Rigid policies which are impossible to amend has no place in people’s lives. If a company allows people to shift their schedules, work from home occasionally, complete their tasks no matter where they are, its pool of potential candidates is bound to rise dramatically.

A better reputation

Company offering flexible working conditions will have good word of mouth in every possible way. Happy workers will always speak good things about company and its supervisors. News of flexible culture spreads like a fire and attract even more excellent candidates. And after all, who can say no to a company which allow employees to finish off their tasks from a coffee shop thousand miles away from corporate headquarter?

Reduced operating cost

With email configuration on your phone and skype on your iPad, working anywhere anytime has become possible and easier. Even studies show that those who worked from home had significantly higher performance than before and companies can save on premises and energy costs. Offering roles on part-time basis can decrease the organization’s wage bill. Employees are looking out for opportunities that do not support only their personal well-being but their families too.

Family friendly =business friendly


Reshali Balasubramaniam

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