A Quick Guide On Handling Gross-Misconduct Right Manner

Even a most seasoned business owner can be little nervous while dealing with employee misconduct issues. But If any such situation arises, you must deal with the issue head-on and plan to improve it. Gross misconduct may include violent behavior, harassment and bullying, negligence, theft or fraud, endangering the health and safety of the employee and so on. How you deal with these situations, entirely depends on the severity of the matter. Making a rash decision or firing someone on spot is not the solution. Here is the expert advice to handle gross misconduct issues like a pro-

Workplace code of conduct

The best way to deal with any situation like this is to prevent it happening in the first place. Foster a work environment wherein the expectations are clear. Figure out a workplace code of conduct and clearly defined work policies. Communication should be straightforward and consistently enforced. Policy manual is not just an HR document but it is a crucial set of guidelines which clearly defines do’s and don’ts as an employee of the business. It also states the misconduct and the consequences of the same. It specifically covers the appropriate use of emails, telephones in your business, protecting confidential information, guidelines on harassment and acceptable dress code.

Dress Code

Chalk out the directions about the appearance of the staff but do not make blanket rules around appearance because it is utmost important not to breach discrimination laws. State the reason why it is genuine requirement for the organization. If it is related to health and safety of an employee, and directions were fully intimated beforehand. If an employee breaks the rule, it has to be considered as a serious misconduct and follow disciplinary process.


Training is the best tool to communicate the policies to employees. There is no wonderful practice than this to remind them on a regular basis about behavioral expectations. Reward the great behavior. Internal newsletter articles help to make civility part of your everyday in the form of recognition and reward programs. Training managers and supervisors is vitally important on how to act upon quickly in the right way. They should know how to conduct workplace investigations into allegations of misconduct.


To handle a misconduct, only one thing should be kept in mind-Process. Despite of having a fire an employee, follow a due process. It is a business owner duty to take all the reasonable steps to investigate the matter and give employee an opportunity to explain. Do not reach to a conclusion without weighing all the aspects. It is at this time value of an HR is easily understood. Document all the aspects including detailed meeting notes, investigation report, opportunity to employee to explain, evidence that you provided the same and termination letter explaining the reason behind the extreme step.

  • Follow a specific process which should take care of following things-
  • Discuss the misconduct issue giving at least one day prior notice
  • Explain the inappropriate behavior and figure out whether the workplace rule is unknown to employee.
  • If the employee is unaware of the rule, then offer support, help, training and motivation.
  • Plan up for improvement and inform them the expectations.
  • Note down everything and hand over a copy to the employee also
  • Do a short review meeting.


Reshali Balasubramaniam

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