Salary Negotiations Tips

Salary negotiation is a tricky affair. If you are looking for higher job satisfaction, longer tenure and greater productivity at your job, it’s time to learn the hack of negotiating salary. Negotiating a better salary does not only mean just more money in your wallet, it shows employers that you know your worth and also reaps long-term financial rewards. It has also been observed that those who showed courage to negotiate their salary in a constructive way are perceived more favorable than those who did not negotiate at all. Here are salary negotiation tactics to get what you truly deserve-

During the interview process

  • Research always bears great results

Before your interview, figure out all about company’s salary ranges, market trends, benefits and perks offered to the similar roles and industry salary ranges. Know everything about the company, industry and its competition. Now work on your expectation in terms of salary and benefits. Answer the very basic question -What are you looking for while applying in a particular company?

  • Have patience

It is said that you never win by talking about money early on. The best time to discuss money is when they have fallen in love with you. Because once the employer is impressed with your personality and they find you the right candidate for the job, they want to make it happen in any case.

  • Beware of the salary requirement trap

When the employer asks you about your salary requirement, you tend to low ball your salary range because you don’t wat to get out of the pool. If they still want a number, talk about industry-standard ranges, not specific numbers.

At the time of offer

Strike first

Mention a specific salary before the employer makes one. This way the ball will be in your court and the discussions will continue on that first offer.

Think before you commit

The employer may offer you your desired salary. Do not just utter yes right away. Even if you love to accept the job offer, take your time. Tell them “I will get ack to you” or “I will give you an answer in a day or two.”

Make them jealous

This is one of the most interesting tactics to get what you have been longing for. If you have been interviewing for other jobs, tell the employer the salary proposed by the prospective employers. Knowing that you have one more offer in hand, will make you more attractive to them. But make your you do not make up offers, it’s easy to check and get the true story.

Present your expectations in best possible way

Let your employer know what you want from the job. Whether it is in terms of salary, benefits and opportunity. It could be related to time off, work flexibility, whatever values to you.

Negotiate smartly

If the employer could not offer you your desired salary, think about other valuable options such as education and training.

Tell your worth

Let your employer know your worth and efficiency in the past jobs and assignments. like how your performance saved money to the company and how your projects increased revenues.


Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.



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