Dealing with demon of politics

When we hear the word “Office Politics”, many words such as backstabbing, spreading malicious rumors, pulling others leg also immerse with the mere thought of it. Whether you like it or loath it, office politics is inevitable in any organization. Taking care of your team’s interests is a true example of practicing good politics. And being attentive to bad politics makes you extra cautious about the surroundings. We all know that office politics exist. The basic thing to understand and take the politics in positive way is to accept it as a reality. It may change but it will never disappear. So, one should know how to win at office politics without lowering down your standards. Let’s get to know some amazing tips to deal better with office politics-

Understand the organization hierarchy-

First thing first, you need to sit back and analyze the organization chart. Observe and figure out the political power and real influence rs. Seek the answers of following questions-

  • Who are the ultimate influence rs?
  • Who is respected?
  • Who has the authority?
  • Who all are the mentors and guiding forces?
  • Who is the brain behind the business?

Know the informal network-

Once you are acquainted with the fact about the influence, it is time to jump on the next aspect- keep an eye on interactions and people’s relationships to get the real picture of social network. Look closely what is the motive behind the connections? are they based on love, friendship, respect or something else? Who gets along with who? Who cannot stand with whom?

Time to connect

Now you know the status of existing relationships, it is your time to take a call and come forward to build connections. Build your own social network. Look beyond your immediate team and have a great relationship with all you are being connected to. Don’t be hesitant of politically powered people. You never know who can come for your help in future. Be friendly with everyone but adhere to all the rules and regulations of an organization.

Interpersonal skills go long way

Office politics is all related to people so the best way to deal with them is developing your own interpersonal skills. These impressive skills will not only help you present yourself clean but also aid in maintaining network. Learn the art of self-regulation then only you know always think before act. This emotional intelligence will help you understand others viewpoints, their liking and disliking.

Don’t avoid, be brave

You always think it is better to keep distance from those who are making their hands dirty in office politics but the opposite can be more effective. The expression “keep your friends close and enemies closer” fits the bill here. You should know the manipulators, gossips and rumors going around. Be humble and kind but be guarded. As they have the ability to repeat what you said with negative spin. You have to be cautious enough because these people are very clever and dangerous.

Make the workplace more positive by not fueling the fire.


Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.