Guide to Prioritizing tasks

Prioritizing tasks at work is something everyone constantly struggle with, especially when tasks start piling up. If you are like most HR departments, you are trying to satisfy everyone. But there are somethings that have to be left undone. “Figuring out things that can wait”. This is one of the tasks that require experience, skill and efforts rom others. The best way is to master the skill of prioritizing. Here are some amazing tips to tackle crucial issues and saving yourself time in the process.

3 D’s to prioritize the tasks

The 3 D’s stand for delay, delegate and do. Let’s understand the importance of all these 3 keys to use them better.

Delay- Sometimes we just have to decide which things can wait and there is nothing we have to do about them right now. It is not easy to say to yourself “A is the priority while B will not get done until tomorrow or next week. Figure out things which are important but do not need immediate attention. In short, there is a scope of delay. Example – cleaning out the inbox.


Somethings need to be done on immediate basis, they can not be delayed but they can be delegated. If you still have the bandwidth to make them happen today, think about delegating. Find out the person who has the caliber to perform that task successfully, state your expectations and let him/her work. This is not the time to micromanage the process. Example -generating press release.


After screening out the to-do list, you are left with the most crucial tasks. There would be top 3-4 tasks that need to be done today. After focusing on today’s tasks, you can redo your list tomorrow if the need arises. Ans by then maybe some of the priorities will have shifted so have a broad picture about the pending tasks. When you are done with the key tasks, it’s time to concentrate on the tasks you have been putting off.

Manage emails

New emails can be constant distraction. Don’t let reading and responding to emails take a large part of your day. If you keep on struggling with checking mails, you won’t get much work done. Instead the best way to dedicate yourself 15 minutes two times a day, to prioritize your emails. Open and check only the most important emails. The others can wait until you have free time. Sort them in appropriate folders so that you can segregate them as per their importance.

Set foundation for tomorrow

One of the best time-saving tricks is to take out few minutes before going home to overview what all you did throughout the day and what need to be done tomorrow. Organize your workload realistically into an 8-hour long day.  This way you will have clear picture when you walk in to your office every day.

Organize and automate

If you perform a daily chore, try to find a program for it and automate it. Automation can save your time and energy. There are so many software already designed for you needs. Be a smart worker!


Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.