How to handle an unreasonable boss?

An ideal world is no less than a dream where everybody will have amazing managers- bosses who always inspire, make feel others valued and overall great people. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. We all admit that all jobs are demanding at times but some bosses do their every bit to put excessive pressure on the employees. If you also have unreasonable boss whose negative energy creating havoc in your life then these simple ways can help you get through the hardest times-

Look for a supportive community and seek help

Dealing with an unreasonable boss sometimes need people who are willing to help you weather the storm. Friends, family and even colleagues can be proved to be a great motivator who will allow you to express your anger and frustration. And above all they will never be judgmental. More than anything else, they will be honest and objective to you, gently leading you to handle the unreasonable boss amicably. If you can find anyone trustworthy to let your heart out, journal about what you are experiencing. Turning towards mental health professional is also one of the solutions.

Create some relaxing rituals

When high-pressure demands are always mounted on your head, you will always be under a lot of stress. Do not bring in your boss’s negative energy home and spoil your personal life too. Instead create rituals that help you break away from work. Make relaxing a part of your job just like completing a task or meeting deadlines. Relaxation can come in many forms such as yoga, reading, dance, listening to music, meditation, watching your favorite series- anything that take all your tensions away and make you feel happy inside.

 Physical activity helps you rejuvenate

When you are involved in any physical activity like running, your body releases feel-good hormones that elevate your moods. To combat a stressful work environment, hack into your happy chemicals with exercise. Physical activity is not just limited to running but dancing, cycling, skateboarding, baseball, any sport is also included in the list.

Realize the importance of other things

Have you ever stared at the stars on a quite night? Have you ever noticed the beauty of first rain drops on the flowers? It is in those moments that we realize that harmful energy of one boss is really insignificant in front of myriads of lovely moments in our daily lives. These lovely moments can be found in innumerable ways. Divert your attention towards creative outlets that bring you close to nature, volunteering with those less fortunate or simply spending some quality time with your loved ones. These are not just the distractions but also reminds you there are many other important things than work.

Maintain a good sleep cycle

The less sleep you will have, the more stressed out you will be. Lack of sleep means you ability to balance your mood is completely compromised. Get a good night sleep by keeping a regular sleep cycle and avoiding stimulating activities like phone, computer or TV.



Reshali Balasubramaniam

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