How to Control absenteeism of employees.

Human resources are the lifeblood of any business but we often forget that they are human. They also need time off to meet the family needs, deal with sickness and fulfill other responsibilities. Personal time off is necessary but what if it becomes nuisance. Absenteeism increase everyone’s workload leading to poor quality and an inefficient environment. Whatever be the reason of absenteeism, it is bad for your business. Here are some valuable tips to resolve persistent absenteeism-

Figure out the root cause

You get a call from an absent employee excusing themselves from work and this is the time when your gut instinct can guide you to take a step. Seldom offs are ok but if you notice an excessive pattern, then it is high time to take action. If an employee is taking frequent leaves without prior notice or intimation, then an intervention is expected. Keep a record of employee absences that can be used to address the problem of chronic absences. Employees should know what employers expect from them and the company is maintaining careful records of under-performing employees.

Opportunity for reasoning

The first and most important thing you can do is to give an opportunity to employee to explain themselves. When they resume work, have a one-on one meeting with them about their absence. And this is the time to express your concern. This is not a disciplinary action but more of a fact-finding way. You should focus on what is the problem and how to resolve it. If stress is creeping into an employee’s life then you should work together to get the things back on track such as reducing responsibilities, shifting workload. This way employees feel more connected and pleased that they have been given chances to air their problems and grievances. Don’t be bias. Be calm and objective during discussion because you may hear things you don’t want to.

Craft a performance improvement plan

If discussion does not work, create a performance review plan that states clear and specific objectives including attendance. The plan should be in black and white. The plan should also explain the timeframe. If anyone does not fulfill the requirements, they should know the consequences well in advance.

Create and intimate standard leave policy

Though a policy on paper does not stop absenteeism but it will you deal with it more effectively. Enumerate all the rules and regulations about your leave policy. And employees should know you don’t tolerate absenteeism. Explain paid and unpaid leaves thoroughly. If your company has internal newsletter or intranet, provide the leave policy information there.

Introduce incentive plans

Incentive plans such as wellness program, flex-time, comb off, project completion perks, are some of the proven ways to increase productivity and control absenteeism. By all these incentive plans, employees feel more valued, happier and more motivated.

Terminate repeat offenders

If you have tried all the measures and efforts and you see no improvement in the attitude of an employee, then termination is the only solution you are left with.


Reshali Balasubramaniam

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