Does Headhunting Really Affect Business Performance?

Headhunting is a highly efficient form of direct approach recruitment. Conducted usually by an agency of head hunters, the process involves the scouting and selection of qualified professionals who match the requirements of the client who is hiring. Headhunters essentially work closely with employers. They usually are given access to information about free positions in an organization, positions that may not be advertised. The headhunter can use his/her connection with companies to organize a meeting for a free position that candidates otherwise would not have been aware of via traditional ways of applying for a job (newspapers, professional publications, etc.).


The Benefits of Headhunting in Different Situations

Employing the Best Possible Professionals

Headhunters offer additional value for the reason that they can recognize and influence the best professionals to leave their existing job and work for their client, irrespective of sector. The most usual headhunting pursuits are meant for senior management posts, middle management officers and professionals who work at an executive level. For several years, the range of headhunting targets has been increasing, as businesses have pursued headhunting facilities to fill less senior job positions (for instance, technicians with specific skill sets).

Specific Targeting

The true value of headhunting is in the examination work carried out by the professional head hunters. The fact that possible candidates, presently working elsewhere, are very specifically targeted to meet specific goals makes headhunting something far superior to traditional recruitment practices. The level of perfection that can be achieved in headhunting is amazing.

This sincere approach on recruitment means that possible applicants who are not presently searching for a job post and consequently would not answer to a normal job ad, can be efficiently pursued. A professional headhunter will offer their client a list of corporations within which the search for their new employee will be carried out. These companies now become the ‘hunting ground’ for the head hunters. This means that the applicants contacted come from the applicable target sectors – from big businesses in the sector or similar fields.

Discretion and Confidentiality

Another calculated benefit of headhunting is the privacy the procedure offers. Headhunters never reveal the identity of their clients when approaching someone for a job. They are asked by the company to represent it and also protect its integrity in every way possible.

How Headhunting Positively Affects a Business

Headhunting offers a lot of benefits for the recruiting company. Head hunters are proficient in making key appointments that can change the fortunes of a company. In addition to that the added benefits of precise targeting, confidentiality and the prospect of finding the best people for a job in a small amount of time, irrespective of the sector, makes headhunting a recruitment model too advantageous to overlook.

The expertise, the knowledge of the market and the access to the best talent that headhunting companies have makes them advantageous for both the employers and the employees who wish to improve their career prospects. If organizations use a professional headhunting company to find themselves an ideal best leader, the return on investment can be much more and the impact even more fruitful.

Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.

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