Crucial Questions That a Candidate Must Ask the Headhunter

It is not only you, the candidate, who is supposed to answer questions when the headhunter calls. Once they are done it is your turn to fortify and improve the impression you have already made, by asking some valid and intelligent questions.

The following questions help you gauge the efficacy of the headhunter and whether you should invest your time and effort.

What kinds of companies do your work for? This is a crucial question to ask a headhunter.  Some of them have very specific and niche areas of service and it might not be worth it if they are not in line with your field of work.

How long have you been in this business? Just as your experience counts to the recruiter, similarly you are justified to inquire how many years they have behind them.  This will give you an idea about their experience and efficacy, and how early you might expect to be placed.

Could I meet some people I would be working with? This makes the headhunter realize that you are serious about wanting to gauge the type of work atmosphere and whether you will fit in.

What is the job flow trend currently? You get an idea regarding how often the headhunter would be getting in touch with you.  Depending upon your current situation and how urgent it is for you to land a job, you will need to decide upon continuing the partnership.

Why do you feel I am good for this job? This answer must be specific to you and what you project yourself as on your resume.  Maybe some project you have worked on or some particular area of interest that you have mentioned, which is the focus of the job that you are being recruited for.  This kind of response shows that they have thought specifically of you and not in a generic form.

Why did the previous person leave? This question reveals a whole lot, whether there is scope for upward movement or there is some problem with the role, and you can decide accordingly.

How will you use my resume? Make sure you are necessarily informed if and when they forward your resume. The point here is they need to use the resume only as a guide to check for any openings that might happen, nothing else.

May I check references of people you have worked with? Any good headhunter worth his name will be ready to provide references of people they have worked for earlier, and a candidate is well within his rights to cross check their claims.

How do you move when you have something for me? A very valid question since they are supposed to outline the process they employ, from phone calls to having you at the interview site and other details.

Headhunters are prepared to field and answer candidate questions.  Be smart to modify your queries according to the situation at hand. This will produce a fruitful interaction and help you arrive at a great career decision.

Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.

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