7 Reasons why successful people frequently change jobs

Listening to success stories of CEOs and self-made individuals all over the world, sometimes it may appear that sticking to one company or one job and pursuing it relentlessly might be the perfect recipe to success. However, the truth is that most successful people did not get where they are today by restricting themselves professionally; rather they saw sense in moving from time to time to challenge themselves and grow in their fields. Here are seven reasons behind successful people changing jobs frequently-

Avoiding stagnation

Shifting jobs from time to time will help you avoid stagnation, which occurs when you have been in the same position for too long. In this way you are constantly adapting, learning and growing.

Stepping out of comfort zone

When we work in one position for a company for a long time, doing the same type of tasks, we tend to get too comfortable and hence rather lethargic professionally. There is hardly any room for development and growth. Changing jobs every few years ensures that you step out of your comfort zone and learn to try new things.

Building network

Getting to know a set of people closely in a professional setting over a period of time, is a good way of building a network. But possessing connections with only one network will limit you personally as well as professionally in the long run. When you work at a host of different places over the years, you get to meet various people from diverse spheres, which will benefit you immensely.

Exploring new opportunities

Working at one job for a long time often means losing out on new and exciting opportunities and sometimes promotions or movement into another department because of organizational constraints and hierarchy. At a different company, rules will also be different and you might just get a chance to be in the position you’ve always wanted.

Learning to gauge employers

Over time, you will gain enough experience to recognize the difference between promising, potentially gainful employers, and the like of companies that will probably not value your worth. This can only happen if you take the chance to work at different places and get to see various kinds of employers.

Interview skills

Changing jobs every few years has another benefit: your interview skills are always sharp and polished. You will be able to handle most of the questions asked by interviewers with poise and quickness.

Gaining new skills

Professionally, as well as for personal growth, it is important to assimilate new skills and be able to use them in different settings. Working at more than one company ensures that you pick up new skills, and the more you explore professionally, you will gain more knowledge and expertise.

This does not, of course, mean that it is recommended to switch jobs too often, such as every few months. However, if the new opportunity arises, and looks interesting enough, go ahead, change your job, take a chance, and put the above reasons to good use!


Sticking to a single job for a considerably long period of time may not pave the road to success for you. Many successful people have experienced a rising career graph because they have shifted jobs, probably to avoid stagnation, expand their network, acquire new skills or even explore new opportunities.

Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at https://jobpal.lk and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.

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