Using Hashtags in the 2019 Recruitment Procedure- The Different Aspects

Social media has become such an important part of people’s daily lives that it has made its place in every domain, including the professional field of recruitment and talent acquisition. Apart from uploading job vacancies on online portals, companies have also started using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to attract potential talent. In the use of social media, hashtags are used often to gain more traction. But how should hashtags be used in recruitment? Read on for a guide to the different aspects of hashtag use-

Advantages of hashtag use for recruitment

To begin with, hashtags do a quicker job of circulating information in posts than simply posting multiple times on all social media. These hashtags can become a permanent part of every tweet or post you share, and thus when a follower retweets or reposts, anyone viewing it will know immediately about the job openings from the relevant hashtags on the original post. What’s more, the use of hashtags for recruitment posts saves a lot of time and effort.

Pointers for using hashtags

-Remember to use hashtags that will be useful and relevant for your target candidates. Keep an eye out for the kind of hashtags used by your competitors scouting for job applicants.

-Absolutely avoid spam by sticking to concise details, such as using hashtags that mention perhaps the company name, the position open and maybe the location.

-If you’re using social media like Twitter, keep the hashtags brief to stay within the character limit, and to save space for more info related to the actual job in the post.

-Make sure that you post on a regular basis and provide updates so that candidates are not misled and are aware that your company is active in the recruitment process.

Using trending hashtags

Keep yourself up to date with currently trending and popular hashtags. It is not necessary that you choose to use them all- in fact, it is never a sound idea to parrot other brands and use all the same hashtags others are using. Your posts will be one of many then. What you can do is combine your own custom hashtags with one or two trending hashtags. This will make your posts pop out and be more memorable to job seekers.

Impact of hashtags on branding

Using hashtags, particularly creative ones, ensures that your brand has a signature style of its own, a social media presence and a brand identity. Take into account the origin, purpose and representative aspects of your brand and combine these with the job vacancies you are posting for. This will help you create a custom hashtag which will set your brand apart and will attract quality candidates.

Thus, hashtags are clearly beneficial to companies that want to advertise job openings and find suitable candidates. The most important aspect of using hashtags for recruitment is to be specific and avoid spamming. Along with the use of hashtags, remember to actively reach out to candidates on social media via direct messages and retweets.



If used in the right manner, hashtags can be a great way to circulate information regarding a job posting. You need to use hashtags that are trending and also follow certain other principles like using relevant hashtags depending on the candidates targeted, and going for brief hashtags maintain the character limit.

Reshali Balasubramaniam

Head of HR, HR Counselor and adviser at and EFutureTech Systems. Submit your resume online and be contacted by prospective employers.